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History Class
you speak
but I don't understand
the words flow from your mouth
but it is like a different language
as though the Tower of Babble
I am confused
drifting off
I dream
but you awaken me
and so goes on the torcher of confusion
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Revolutionary Soldier
dead to the world
I must obey
marching on to the beat of drums
no thinking
no hoping
no dreaming
I musn't step out of line
but suddenly
I think
I broke the rules
I questioned
why are we here?
we are in there lines
ready to kill
but why
give me a good reason
they've done nothing to me
and yet I attack
only because of a thought
a guess
a meaningless possibility
so I stop
"Back in line soldier"
and then
one small word
meaning more than you know
comes from my mouth
what was I thinking?
why was I thinking?
I am a soldier
I do not disobey
but something was not right
it made no sense
something had to be done
so I started a revolution
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Destined With You
It's you
I've finally found you
at long last
I suddenly dont feel so alone
whenever I talk
you listen
when I need help
you're there
with you I'm happy
happier than I've ever been before
I'm floating
my heart beats with love
cupid struck me with his arrow
you were meant to be mine
I will never leave you
as long as you're with me
I will live a long and happy life
I'll be there
through thick and thin
because you're destined to be mine
:icondementedkitty07:dementedkitty07 0 1
Forgotten Life
a forgotten memory
a forgotten dream
it seemed so important once
meaning the world to me
giving me hope
carrying me on
but now
I am alone
I have forgotten
no more dreams
no more memories
no more love
feeling as though an empty shell
lost without my thoughts
:icondementedkitty07:dementedkitty07 0 1
The Meaning of Love
the strongest word in the English dictionary
used by many
but understood by few
only known by those who have experienced it
and sadly
that number decreases
it lets you show your true self
lets you be who you are
it brings upon a plague
but this plague is different
a good plague
at first it is confusing
then overwhelming
then the best thing ever
a wonderful feeling
shown through a passionate kiss
a caressing hand
a warm touch
it takes many forms
but when it hits you
you will know
:icondementedkitty07:dementedkitty07 1 1
I remember times when everything was great
and everyone was easy going
I remember snowball fights
sled rides
the carnival
but most of all
the one thing I could never forget
was you
you were amazing
a person to be looked up to
I remember your sense of humor
your personality
your shining smile
what happened to all that?
where did you go?
you stand there in front of me
and yet you dont
we used to spend time  together
now I never see you
you know nothing about me
and forget everything you do
we have nothing in common
not that I know of at least
and yet
I want to know everything
I want to know you
:icondementedkitty07:dementedkitty07 1 0
a famous person once said
"I am what I am, and that's what I am"
and so I quote this person
to tell you about myself
I can be punk with a sunny smile
I can be preppy with baggy clothes
I can be goth with a bright personality
I can be a jock with intelligence
I can be nerdy with street smarts
I can be a hick with proper English
why post a name
why be a category
stereotypes screw up the world
but what if the world screws up stereotypes
cant we all just be human?
:icondementedkitty07:dementedkitty07 1 1
spinning in circles
watching the clouds
the fun times
getting hurt
losing a friend
the bad times
we have our ups and downs
but could never have just one
you cant always be happy
you cant always be sad
the would is made a colorful place
and this world is full of ups and downs
:icondementedkitty07:dementedkitty07 0 0
My Art
I look at my art
and I see mistakes
with others
come see mistakes
some are inspired
or can relate
but when I look upon it
I see words
I see lines
they come together
and in the end
they make a sweet sound
but if I watch it
if I try to understand it
I find harmony
:icondementedkitty07:dementedkitty07 0 0
Prisoner of War
Prisoner of war
the perfect name
that's just what you were
a prisoner
but treated worse
I had given up long before
"Why bother" I said
"They're never coming
yet I didn't understand it
the man in the cell next to me confused me
he would harass the guards
or at least tried to
but everytime he did
he ended up coming back
worse than before
I said to him
"you scream and fight,
but it makes no sense.
why bother trying to fight it
you'll just end up hurt"
right then
he turned to me
he said "why live
why love
why be happy
Our country gave us the right
that's why
you ask me why I fight
I fight for my country
and nothing else."
I stared
my life changing before my eyes
he turns back to the bars
going back to the screaming
thinking for a second
I turn and join him
he stops
a grin appears
I learned that day
never give up
because when you do
you have just made life meaningless
:icondementedkitty07:dementedkitty07 0 2
Tears of Blood
Her tears flow red
the blood drips
trickling down her once rosy cheeks
her skin, deadly pale
the once beautiful lips
now hold a shade of blue
ice cold to the touch
sadly enough, she isn't dead
the pain she goes through
cursind the stars
"Why me, why me?"
what did she do wrong?
her voice weakens
the tears flow more rapidly
with each tear covered in pain
agony caresses her body
she cannot move
life starts flashing before her eyes
the good times
the bad times
every memory ever made
questions that nagged for an answer finally stop
she once was scared of death
now she wishes for it
a disease unheard of
now kills her
she cries "I'm sorry"
"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry"
she cries out everything she ever did wrong
and with each one is attacked an apology
"I'm sorry I lied,
I'm sorry I stole"
no excuses
just an apology
she thinks
"I have sinned, that's why You torture me."
then a voice enters her mind
"You are wrong"
she stops
is she going mad?
"I love all, and this is something I would neve
:icondementedkitty07:dementedkitty07 0 0
Being Different
I may dress differently
But that doesn't make me bad
Clothes don't make me
I make me
My personality is me
I may wear baggy shirts
Overly pocketed pants
Spike chokers
And chains
But that doesn't make me a bad person
I choose not to show off
I choose to be this way
Comfortable and happy
Expressing my individuality
You cant change me
Your opinion doesn't matter to me
Because God made me this way
And I wouldn't ruin that
Not with plastics
Not with surgeries
I wouldn't change myself for anyone
Not even me
:icondementedkitty07:dementedkitty07 0 10
You Miss The Best Parts
I can't change life
But I can live with it
Yet you don't see that
I make mistakes
And am responsible for them
Yet you don't see that
I defend myself
But never start anything
Yet you don't see that
I act mature
And can still have fun
Yet you don't see that
You miss the best parts
And you know nothing about me
You don't even know who I am
Or even my name
All you see is my beauty
And think it's stunning
But in reality
My personality surpasses any beauty
Because I can hold good and bad
In both my hands
And still make the right choice
I can make someone see their true self
Yet you see none of this
For all you care about are my looks
My beauty
And if you truly are that shallow
Then you don't deserve me
Because I am more than you ever will be
I am me
And that will never change
:icondementedkitty07:dementedkitty07 0 2
Life's Been Hard
Life's been hard
But I kept gong
I got pushed down
Knocked out
And hurt to high heaven
But that didn't stop me
I kept going
Life's been hard
But I kept living
I took every punch
Every kick
Every cut
But that didn't stop me
I kept living
Life's been hard
But I kept learning
Every hit
And burn made me wiser
Life never stopped me
I kept learning
In the end life hurt me bad
But I showed life
I kept going
I kept living
I kept learning
But most of all I kept hoping and dreaming
Never letting life get to me
Because I am stronger
And always will be
Because I believe in me
:icondementedkitty07:dementedkitty07 0 2
Because of you
Because of you
I've given up
I now hate men
Hate people
I can't stand this world
The cruelty, lies, and guilty
Because of you
I trust no one
Not even myself
Not sure who I am
Nor anyone else
Because of you
I don't understand
Seeking meaning
Confused by all
Not able to see through another's eyes
Walk in another's shoes
Because of you
I am this way
And sadly will never change
Deeming none trustworthy
Finding no innocence
Living life horribly
Because of you
I too shall become an evil doer
A person with no motive
Just one who seeks
Hunting others for pleasure
But I can say
That not because of you
But because of others like me
I'm getting help
Finding a way through this
To see that the grass is greener
The sun is brighter
And the air is fresher
On the other side
:icondementedkitty07:dementedkitty07 0 0
Life is like a crowd
You get knocked down
And must get back up
Otherwise life falls upon you
And you might not make it through
But if you get up
There's a chance
And once you're through the crowd
The air is breathable
You feel free
But another crowd could come at any minute
And hopefully, you're ready for it
Life is like a maze
Twisting and turning in every which way
Never sure which way to go
Sometimes you choose the wrong road
But others you go the right way
One day your make it to the end
Possibly awarded a prize
The prize of heaven
But it you don't deserve it
If you cheated life
Or cheated others of their life
You could be sentenced to hell
Life is like a forest
Never sure what is behind the next tree
It could be deadly
Or may save your life
But you'll never know if you don't go on
You could lose yourself
But if you keep going
Don't give up
You may see sunlight once again
All in all life is tough it shouldn't be taken lightly
Live life to the fullest
Otherwise you may become prison
:icondementedkitty07:dementedkitty07 0 0


I Can't Live w_o You - Gawd3Ss by ClubInuyasha
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Rebecca Stiewe
United States
Current Residence: texas, aka Hickville
Favourite genre of music: rock all the way baby!!
Favourite photographer: anyone who can take a pic better than other words, anyone
Favourite style of art: I like the digital art that is all like digital
Operating System: my brain, otherwise I'd be like some glob that slobbers all over everyone, wait that might be fun
MP3 player of choice: MPwha, what is this thing u speak of?
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Skin of choice: those people with the navy blue skin are so hot!
Favourite cartoon character: Inuyasha with the kicking and the punching and the WAAAAAAAAHHHHHAAAAAA *karate scary scream*
Personal Quote: Life sux and then u die, unless of course u dont die, then ur screwed!
ok ppl, here is what I need help with,

1.) a sunset
2.)a girl on her knees holding her face
3.)a body, all black, with a question mark on the face, who is running
4.)an angel
5.)some lips
6.)a person who seems to have no feelings
7.)a rose in an eye
8.)a dead person
9.)a hand clenching a heart
10.)a girl standing a her locker staring at a boy
11.)a homeless person sitting holding hands with someone, not homeless, who is standing
12.)a dagger dripping blood
13.)rain on a window
14.)a pair of hands holding a ball of light
15.)person in a straight jacket surrounded by padded walls
16.)a sky of clouds
17.)a woman laying on top of a man, in the outdoors, both clothed
18.)a beggar next to a box used as a home
19.)a girl at school sitting in a desk daydreaming
20.)a dream bubble(coming from a girl) with people dancing at a ball

I know its a lot, but I just can't seem to draw them, but I can picture them, I'm going to use them to change the pic thing for my poetry, once again I'd really appreciate it if u would help me, ty, bye


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trisis Featured By Owner May 27, 2006  Student General Artist
1. At least 2 people in this world love you so much they would die for you.
2. At least 15 people in this world love you in some way.
3. The only reason anyone would ever hate you is because they want to be just like you.
4. A smile from you can bring happiness to anyone, even if they don't like you.
5. Every night, SOMEONE thinks about you before they go to sleep.
6. You mean the world to someone.
7. If not for you, someone may not be living.
8. You are special and unique.
9. Someone that you don't even know exists loves you.
10. When you make the biggest mistake ever, something good comes from it.
11. When you think the world has turned its back on you, take a look: you most likely turned your back on the world.
12. When you think you have no chance of getting what you want, you probably won't get it, but if you believe in yourself, probably, sooner or later, you will get it.
13. Always remember the compliments you received. Forget about the rude remarks.
14. Always tell someone how you feel about them; you will feel much better when they know.
15. If you have a great friend, take the time to let them know that they are great.

(Once again I don't do these, but I was just in a mood to send this one around)
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